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Job openings including, studio, production, crew, writers, producers, and more.

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Job Openings Behind the Scenes

There are many positions involved in work behind the camera and that are unique to the industry. Therefore we created abilityE JOBS ‘Job Openings Behind the Scenes’ for this strong and growing industry.

According to the Department of Labor there are over two million people in the entertainment industry. We believe that if one person gets a job, we all win.

We have partnered with abilityJOBS.com the largest career site for job seekers with disabilities. The alliance has developed a dedicated section for the Entertainment Industry.

Categories Include:

Administrative Support

Animation Production

Art & Design

Business Development & Strategy

Communications & Public Relations

Content Development & Programming


Digital Media




Hospitality & Retail

Human Resources

Internships & Page Prog.

Legal & Business Affairs

Hair & Make-up




Research & Analytics

Sound & Lighting

Sourcing & Procurement

Studio Technical Operations

Technology & Engineering

Theme Park Operations