We Focus on disABILITY

abilityE works on both sides of the lens — connecting talented people with disABILITIES with casting agencies, film-makers and studios

Our History & Herstory —They asked, we delivered:

ABILITY Magazine was asked by Netflix casting to find a lead young actress for their new series "The Healing Powers of Dude". Netflix was interested in casting authentic actors. Already finding the lead actor that has anxiety disorder (Jace Chapman) they were having a hard time finding a young girl that was a wheelchair user.

Using the powers of ABILITY Magazine and abilityJOBS we put the word out for a 9 to 13 year old girl that authentically uses a wheelchair, and received over 550 submissions. We sent them to Netflix's casting team. One of the submissions came from Andrew Kim, proud father of Sophie, and as they say the rest is herstory. Sophie got the role of her lifetime.

Sophie Jaewon Kim was cast as Amara. As of Jan. 13 Netflix viewers can see a more inclusive entertaining experience.

Helping Netflix and other casting offices lead to abilityE.

Next Step:

The origin of abilityE came from the collective works of abilityJOBS, ABILITY Magazine and landing in ABILITY Corps to foster greater inclusion of performers with disABILITIES in the Entertainment industry. As the project developed Easterseals stepped in and became a partner. Now we look at the E in abilityE to represent Easterseals. With 100 years in supporting quality of life for PWDs our partnership looks to the near future to eliminate unconscious bias and help create a fully inclusive society.


We help job seekers find employment behind the camera

abilityJOBS.com Job Board logo

abilityJOBS is the leading website dedicated to employment of people with disabilities. Established in 1995, it is the largest job posting site for the disABLED, and also the largest resume bank with tens of thousands of job seekers with disabilities—from entry level candidates to PhD’s. If your company is looking for talent and inclusion this is the right place.


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ABILITY Job Fair presents an accessible face to face video career fair to corporations, governments and non-profits so they may actively recruit candidates in the most efficient way. This is the first platform to emulate the live career fair experience and accessible for job seekers with disABILITIES.

Accessibility Features:

  • Screen Reader Compatibility
  • Speech to text in real time
  • Sign Language Interpreters on stand-by
  • Text based messaging available