Authenticity in Entertainment


abilityE, a platform like no other, is a division of ABILITY Corps, a non-profit focused on embedding awareness for people with disabilities in all socially constructed arenas. 

People with disabilities (PWDs) across the nation and around the world are diverse, talented, and under-employed. Over 61 million Americans have a disability and is the largest, fasting growing, minority and the only minority we’re all likely to join. We need to advance representation, bring tangible employment opportunities, and increase a realistic narrative for PWDs.

People with disabilities are under-represented in the arts, especially when it comes to film and television. The media has often portrayed PWDs in a negative or demeaning way, portraying disability to be feared or something to be fixed.

Additionally, roles are given to actors without disabilities. Fewer than 2% of all television characters have a disability. And 95% of top TV show characters with disabilities are played by non-disabled performers.

According to the Department of Labor (DOL) there are over two million people in the entertainment industry. In April of 2018, the DOL estimated 2,344,500.

By not having individuals with disabilities in media, we miss out on the real, authentic and often nuanced lived experience. The power of media shapes attitudes and helps break down misperceptions and stigmas associated with disabilities.

We are enriching diversity in the storytelling, giving a realistic dimension to how we see ourselves, how we understand and empathize with others. By including PWDs in all aspects of media, from writing to acting, a new paradigm of acceptance and awareness occurs.

abilityE has generated a new pipeline of talent with disabilities. Actors, musicians, comedians, and performers with disabilities are able to post a profiles. Casting can post breakdowns, sides and search profiles. Profiles are searchable in multiple categories: Acting age range, skills, union status, language, authentic disability (example: wheelchair user, amputee, etc…).