How do I contact Talent?

Casting account holders can reach talent in two ways*: notices and site messaging.

  1. Casting accounts can post breakdown/notice posts describing the upcoming opportunity. Talent will contact the casting account holder directly in the manner they prefer: email, on site message, phone or by instructions on the notice.
  2. Casting account holders can search the database of talent by a detailed Performer search. The casting account holder can reach out via on-site messaging. There is a daily cap of 20 initial performer messages a day.

*Please note: A Casting profile is required in order to contact talent or post a breakdown/notice.

Who can sign up for a Casting Account?

Casting accounts are approved for individuals who are legitimately searching for talent for an upcoming casting opportunity or other performance related project(s). (Including, but not limited to speaking engagements, concerts, stage performance, commercials, film, podcasts, etc.) Casting accounts require an approval process that is based on the information provided at the time of sign up.

If I have a Casting account, what can I do?

Casting professionals with a verified account can purchase a Casting Membership. Casting membership includes a Casting profile, credits to post breakdown notices and credits to contact performers. With an active Casting membership, Casting can purchase additional credits. 

What are Performer Message Credits?

Performer Message Credits enable Casting accounts to message performers directly on A credit is used when a casting account holder initiates contact with a performer by sending a message. The performer is then alerted by email. Subsequent emails between performer and casting do not count against credits.

Performers can be contacted via a contact link on their profile if Casting has available credits. Casting account holders can purchase credits as needed or purchase value added packs and save!

How does a Casting Breakdown Notice Work?

A breakdown notice is the way to post a casting opportunity and reach our talent community. To post a “Notice”, you must be a casting professional, have an active casting profile as well as posting credits. Notices last 30 days.