Industry FAQs

Why is my industry account still pending approval?

The ability team tries to review industry registrations within 24 hours of submission. Industry registrations must include information to verify you as an active casting professional or other professional who...

Where can I find my casting profile?

After an account is created, casting profiles can be accessed through My Account, then enter YOUR ACCOUNT OVERVIEW.

If I have a Casting account, what can I do?

Casting professionals with a verified account can purchase a Casting Membership, which includes breakdown notice credits and performer message credits.

Why do industry accounts need to be approved?

Verifying Industry profiles ensures that we are only admitting bona fide casting professionals to interact with performers. This addresses potential security concerns and establishes credibility.

Why is my casting profile gone?

Casting profiles are available for the duration of your active casting membership. When casting membership expires, the profile is removed. When you renew your membership, you will have access to...

What are Performer Message Credits?

Performer Message Credits enable Casting accounts to search for and send messages to performers. To message performers, you must be have an active casting account, an active casting profile and...

How does a Casting Breakdown Notice Work?

A breakdown notice is the way to post a casting opportunity and reach our talent community. To post a "Notice", you must be a casting professional, have an active casting...