What if I respond to a message and don’t hear back?

By responding to a message or a notice, you are indicating you are interested and available to work, but this does not guarantee a response. If you are messaging about a notice, try reviewing the guidelines for the casting notice to be sure you meet the criteria and be sure you have followed the instructions indicated.

Who is abilityE for?

abilityE is built for actors, musicians, speakers, voice over talent, comedians and a variety of performers with disabilities.

Why is a “head shot” or featured image required on my profile?

Headshot (Featured Photo):  Your headshot is the first thing that casting agents, casting directors, and other industry professionals will look at. Basically, a headshot is a head to shoulder or mid-chest photo. This a required field in order to submit your registration.

Do I Need to be a Union Member?

abilityE does not require performers to be in the union. Projects are both union and non-union. Keep in mind, union jobs occasionally hire non-union performers – this is one of the most common ways to break into the industry!

I deleted my profile. How do I get it back?

Your profile may be restored if you contact support within 30 days of deletion. If not, you may have to create a new profile. You can contact support here. Please include the email address you used to create your account and profile.