Improv Class


abilityE and 'Improv for Life’ with Melinda Chilton have joined forces to create a fun and informative improv class for actors and all entertainers. The class will be on Zoom. So, all time zones are welcome.

improv for life with melinda chilton

Each week you will learn the basic rules of Improv, play Improv games, create improvised scenes, develop characters and have a lot of fun. Melinda will teach you how to use the basic rules of Improv to enhance the 'business side' of your career, as well as your creativity. This class is great for actors, writers, singers, comedians, speakers, and anyone who wants a weekly dose of fun and laughter. All levels of Improv are welcome. Improv is a team sport.

We all learn and grow together. Expect a visit from special guest teacher, Andy Goldberg, author of "Improv Comedy" and director of "Off the Wall", the longest performing improv group in Los Angeles.

improv john ritter andy goldberg
Past Improv buddies, John Ritter and Andy Goldberg

Improv classes:

WHEN: First three Saturdays of each month. 9:30am to 11:30am PST

COST: 3 Classes Total $75

WHERE: ZOOM (class size limited to 14)

improv for life with melinda on zoom 2

Melinda has studied Improv with ‘Second City Chicago" and with the ‘Andy Goldberg Improv Comedy Workshop’. She has been producing and performing in regular Improv shows in Los Angeles with her Improv group, “Mostly Organic”, for the past five years. She began teaching her weekly ‘Improv for Life’ class on Zoom in 2020. Her acting credits include “Shameless”, “The Upshaws” and “The Office”.

Please email Melinda at MelindaImprovDaily(at) to enroll and save your spot in the class. Feel free to also email Melinda with any questions. You can also visit her website

improv for life with melinda on zoom