Lionsgate Feature Film Youth Role


Lionsgate feature film is looking to find a Caucasian boy between the ages of 6-12 who is blind, partially blind or has low vision (based on a real life story)


(This character is based on a real-life person)

Caucasian, 6-12 years old, he is Brenda's adorable young son, blind, though it doesn't seem to slow him down. Sweet, energetic, bright and trusting, with a fondness for country 'n western music, Zack takes an immediate liking to Kurt, particularly after Kurt fixes his broken radio. He is always supportive of Kurt, seen later cheering him on at games... LEAD ROLE

Lionsgate is committed to authenticity and inclusion and encourage performers who are Blind, Partially Sighted or have Low Vision to apply for this role.

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