NOTICE FOR — LEAD In Short Film (Follow You, Follow Me)

Open Until: May 15, 2022

Project: Follow You, Follow Me

Casting Breakdown Notice Type: Actor


Casting “Follow You, Follow Me” –  an impressionist short about a young couple falling in love for the first time and navigating an inter-abled relationship.

LEAD: Taylor is like heat lightning.  The air around them is so hot, it can’t help but combust.  They are impulsive, passionate, provocative, and fun to be around.  Taylor is an avid karaoke singer. They are ok being “out there” using other people’s words to communicate their feelings, but still finding their own voice outside of that context. Taylor is popular at their local karaoke haunt, but Kim has a way of looking past the surface and making Taylor feel seen.

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Disability Category: Mobility, Amputee/Limb Difference

Gender: Female, Non-binary, Transgender, Gender nonconforming, Something else

Age range:   18– 25

Term/Timeframe:  10 – 20 days 

Start date: June 1, 2022

Project Location: Virginia

Harrisonburg, United States