NOTICE FOR — Passionate Life Enthusiast with Down syndrome

Open Until: June 20, 2022

Project: The New Us

Casting Breakdown Notice Type: Actor, Comedian, Performance Artist


The New Us is a digital commercial for “Educating the New Humanity,” an initiate from EdLinks – a passionate group of educators and curriculum builders who have a bold new vision for the future of education. For this role, we are looking for an individual with Down syndrome who lives life with enthusiasm and optimism. Ideally someone who has a personal passion or hobby that contributes to helping them live out their full potential. This role will require short script line readings directly to the camera – we will focus on one line at a time with breaks in between. No dialogue between characters will occur. The production will take place in either NYC or Montclair, NJ on June 29-July 1 – this role will require attendance to one shoot day and one location only. Our shoot time for this character will not exceed 2-3 hours on set. This is a non-union role – a meal will be provided on set, and transportation costs from the tri-state area will be reimbursed. Please provide your availability for all shoot days mentioned above.

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Required Skills: 

Reading a few lines of script, directly to the camera

Disability Category: Perceptible Physical Difference, Cognition/Intellectual Developmental Disability

Union Status: Non Union

Gender: Female, Male

Age range:   15– 45

Languages: English

Term/Timeframe:  10 – 20 days 

Start date: June 29, 2022

Project Location: NY / NJ

New York City or Montclair, NJ, United States