NOTICE FOR — Supporting Role (Marin) in Comedic Short

Open Until: May 16, 2022

Project: "Flipping the Script"

Casting Breakdown Notice Type: Actor, Comedian, Public Speaker/Moderator


Seeking a range of talent for a comedic short that highlights the absurdity of ableist behavior by “flipping the script” on certain non-consensual, socially-accepted interactions regularly faced by disabled people every day. All scenes shooting in Harrisonburg, VA on May 25th.

In this story, disability is considered the norm, while non-disabled people are treated as “different”. As a man “lacking specialty”, our lead, Ash, experiences constant intrusions from those around him; he’s treated like a toddler, told that he is too “immature” for an intimate relationship, and vilified for “faking” a disability, all by the disabled characters around him. Ash’s plight is intended to be comedic and farcical, but most importantly it should generate empathy in the viewer to trigger reflection on the often unfair treatment of actual disabled people in an overwhelmingly able-bodied society. The script has been adapted from original scenarios from the “Disability-Inclusive Sexual Health Network”, with whom we are collaborating on this project.

*Disclaimer: This story uses comedic irony to shed light on the prejudices that non-disabled people often hold (whether consciously or not) toward people with disabilities. This is intended to convey an alternative perspective to the viewer through irony, and the negative actions of the characters have been heightened to further convey this message.

THE ROLE:   Marin (age 16-25) (female) (all disabilities considered)
Marin is one of the more popular girls in school, but she also has “a big heart”. Early in the script she uses her popularity to publicly ask out Ash; the only guy in this story who “lacks specialty” (I.E. non-disabled). When others see Marin’s actions as heroic, she proudly soaks up the praise for her “selfless” gesture of asking out a non-disabled person. All the while, Ash is left comically speechless at this bizarre charade. Later in the script, Marin has become Ash’s girlfriend. She makes a few more appearances, most immediately to depict (again, through irony) how these prejudices toward disabled people often apply to inter-abled relationships as well. Because of the absurdity/irony of these scenarios, some subtle comic delivery will be required for this role.

PAY:   $250 for one day

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Disability Category: Mobility, Amputee/Limb Difference, Deaf/Hearing Loss, Vision/Blindness, Learning Disability (ie. Dyslexia), Mental Health (ie. Bipolar), Brain Injury, Medical Condition (like cancer or MS), Perceptible Physical Difference, Invisible Disability, Speech Difference, Cognition/Intellectual Developmental Disability, Neurodivergent, Other

Union Status: Non Union

Gender: Female, Male, Non-binary, Transgender, Gender nonconforming, Something else

Age range:   16– 25

Languages: English

Term/Timeframe:  10 – 20 days 

Start date: May 25, 2022

Project Location: On Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States