NOTICE FOR — Elementary and Middle School Students

Project: A New Day

Casting Breakdown Notice Type: Actor


A short narrative video for a leading national association that highlights the power of the community schools.

Issues that students experience beyond the classroom walls affect their ability to learn. This video focuses on two educators who identify issues specific to their school communities and mobilize parents and community partners to resolve those challenges to make their schools vibrant centers of learning and community support.

Casting for multiple STUDENT roles. Background roles.

Looking for grade school aged (presenting as elementary or middle school students) actor/model who uses a wheelchair and one who uses hearing assistive device

All ethnicities and genders encouraged to submit.

2 days role in Pittsburgh, PA

Filming Oct 1-2 or Oct 8-9



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Required Skills: 


Disability Category: Mobility, Deaf/Hearing Loss, Vision/Blindness, Perceptible Physical Difference

Union Status: Non Union

Gender: Female, Male, Non-binary, Transgender

Age range:   8– 14

Languages: English

Term/Timeframe:  10 – 20 days 

Pittsburgh, PA, United States