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Build your free performer profile, hopefully this will be a new beginning for many and those already in the industry help grow their body of work as entertainers.

What is this all about…

The Past Narrative: “We can’t find talented actors with disabilities”

We’re building a pipeline for talented performers with disABILITIES in the entertainment industry with connections on a scale never seen before. We should never hear a casting person say, “we couldn’t find talent”.
Read the case study below.

A few key items, in case you were wondering:

  • abilityE is free to performers/talent/actors.
  • The site is built for performers/talent/actors with disABILITIES.
  • Performers/talent/actors includes categories like TV, Film, comedy, speakers and music.
  • You can be union, non-union, represented or not represented.
  • Your profile can only be viewed by vetted casting and representative members
  • There is more of the site, but it is only open to adding profiles at this time.
  • We aren’t asking for any private information — we do need to ask birth date. But it won’t be public.
  • Site launch coming soon. We will email when it’s live!

Case Study:

When Netflix was casting for their new series “The Healing Powers of Dude” their casting people could only find 10 actors to audition that fit the age range who authentically used a wheelchair. They came to us for help.

We accessed our platforms abilityJOBS.com and ABILITY Magazine, casting a wide net. From our efforts, we sent Netflix over 500 requests for auditions and they found exactly who they were looking for, Sophie Kim — she was cast as Amara.

Sophie Kim in the Healing Powers of DUDE
Sophie Kim in “The Healing Powers of Dude”

The word spread, and other casting offices were asking for help — so abilityE was born to be the source to cast a wider net.

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Award winning actress
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A message from Jason George SAG-AFTRA Diversity Advisory Chair

A growing number of Studios, Casting Agents, Organizations, Film Festivals know about the future of inclusion with abilityE;

SAG-AFTRA, Casting Society of America, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Studios, Netflix, Paramount, DreamWorks Animation Television, Lionsgate/Starz, Cinestate, NBC Universal, Google, CBS, Bunim/Murray, EmpowerHouse, Final Draft, ReelAbilities, Focus on ABILITY Short Film Festival, Easterseals and many more…

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