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Looking for Behind the Camera Opportunities?

Click here for openings including, crew, writers, producers, make-up, wardrobe and more. abilityE JOBS Job Openings Behind the Scenes’


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Job Openings Behind the Scenes

There are many positions involved in work behind the camera and that are unique to the industry. Therefore we created abilityE JOBS ‘Job Openings Behind the Scenes’ for this strong and growing industry.

According to the Department of Labor there are over two million people in the entertainment industry. We believe that if one person gets a job, we all win.

We have partnered with abilityJOBS.com the largest career site for job seekers with disabilities. The alliance has developed a dedicated section for the Entertainment Industry.

Categories Include:

Administrative Support

Animation Production

Art & Design

Business Development & Strategy

Communications & Public Relations

Content Development & Programming


Digital Media




Hospitality & Retail

Human Resources

Internships & Page Prog.

Legal & Business Affairs

Hair & Make-up




Research & Analytics

Sound & Lighting

Sourcing & Procurement

Studio Technical Operations

Technology & Engineering

Theme Park Operations


Improv Class

improv for life with melinda chilton

abilityE and 'Improv for Life’ with Melinda Chilton have joined forces to create a fun and informative improv class for actors and all entertainers. The class will be on Zoom. So, all time zones are welcome.

improv for life with melinda chilton

Each week you will learn the basic rules of Improv, play Improv games, create improvised scenes, develop characters and have a lot of fun. Melinda will teach you how to use the basic rules of Improv to enhance the 'business side' of your career, as well as your creativity. This class is great for actors, writers, singers, comedians, speakers, and anyone who wants a weekly dose of fun and laughter. All levels of Improv are welcome. Improv is a team sport.

We all learn and grow together. Expect a visit from special guest teacher, Andy Goldberg, author of "Improv Comedy" and director of "Off the Wall", the longest performing improv group in Los Angeles.

improv john ritter andy goldberg
Past Improv buddies, John Ritter and Andy Goldberg

Improv classes:

WHEN: First three Saturdays of each month. 9:30am to 11:30am PST

COST: 3 Classes Total $75

WHERE: ZOOM (class size limited to 14)

improv for life with melinda on zoom 2

Melinda has studied Improv with ‘Second City Chicago" and with the ‘Andy Goldberg Improv Comedy Workshop’. She has been producing and performing in regular Improv shows in Los Angeles with her Improv group, “Mostly Organic”, for the past five years. She began teaching her weekly ‘Improv for Life’ class on Zoom in 2020. Her acting credits include “Shameless”, “The Upshaws” and “The Office”.

Please email Melinda at MelindaImprovDaily(at)gmail.com to enroll and save your spot in the class. Feel free to also email Melinda with any questions. You can also visit her website MelindaChiltonImprov.com

improv for life with melinda on zoom

Virtual Audition

Online auditions have several advantages and are relatively easy with several platforms like Skype or Zoom. However, most if not all, platforms aren't built from the ground up for the full spectrum of society. If the time comes for your audition(s) to reach farther including talent that may be deaf, blind, or other accessible issues let us know — it's a big world with lots of talent and we want you to be able to do your best in your search.

  • Accessibility

    Online video face-to-face audition that expands your reach to find more talent

  • human experience

    Removing communication and distance barriers maintaining a human connection

  • Inclusion

    Did someone ask about ASL? Yes, abilityE has sign language interpreters

Accessibility Features

  • Sign Language

    Sign Language Interpreters on-call to assist with auditions

  • Talk2Text

    Real time talk to text for people who have difficulty hearing

  • Screen Reader

    Compatible with JAWS and other screen reader applications

  • Voice & SMS

    Support for varied communication with voice and text app


Video Platform

Built as an
accessible video
communications platform

Document Transfer

Upload and download
documents through the
meeting interface


Text based messaging for alternative to voice communication

Sign Language Support

American Sign Language Interpreters available
on stand-by


Filter candidate streams by skill set, department or job descriptions

Untimed Meetings

Control length
of time speaking with
each audition

We Focus on disABILITY

ability Entertainment (abilityE) works on both sides of the lens—connecting casting agencies, studios, film-makers with talented people with disABILITIES.

Case Study:

When Netflix was casting for their new series “The Healing Powers of Dude” their casting agency could only find 10 actors to audition that fit age range and authentically used a wheelchair. They came to us for help.

After asking us for assistance, we accessed our platforms, abillityJOBS.com and ABILITY Magazine, casting a wide net. From our efforts, we sent Netflix over 550 requests for auditions. They found their lead actor with our support.

Homecoming street scene